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Champion A Chair 

We need your help and support as we work to secure 20 chairs for children who are going through cancer treatment.

It became clear to us there is a high demand for kids wheelchairs for families going through cancer treatment. 

Many children when battling such a hard fight, find it difficult to have the energy to walk any more than a short distance, and some loose all power and ability all together.


It's come as a shock to us, the length of time families have to wait for a chair to be available, Families have been advised the wait would be anywhere between 10 weeks to 10 months.

Until then , child have to be carried by a adult or put into kids buggies that they are too big for , and been told not so long ago that they are too old for now.


Families are normally sent in the direct to buy their own or rent their own. This is another financial burden for families already under pressure. Our research into the availability in Northern Ireland for a chair came up with zero results to rent or to buy.

Our aim Is to secure 20 chairs by the end of 2022 , so this is no longer a problem that families have to be burden with again.

You can help by sponsoring or making a donation of £500 for a chair ( this chair can then be named after a loved one or business) Please email either Chris or Andrene

If you'd like to make a donation towards the champaign, you can give a smaller donation through the link below.

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